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About Victim's Voice

Victim's Voice: advocating for victims of violent crime, was established to help victims and their families in the aftermath of violent crime.  We want to share our experience and what we learned so that other families might be spared the pain of revictimization. 

The story:

On January 26, 2015 I received a 3am call that would change my family forever. My family was propelled into a world we didn't understand, at a time when we were most vulnerable.  Jarred Ha


Thankfully, violent crime is rare, but when it does happen, most everyone is unprepared for what awaits...


My son was a sophomore in college when he left a house party and encountered 3 women who had just been assaulted. When my son stepped in to confront the man and protect the women he almost lost his life. My son was stabbed, cored and carved by the man using a knife called a Karambit.

My son's life was saved at a level one trauma center. When he left the warm embrace of the hospital a week later, he entered the confusing and harsh realm of the judicial system. In fact, while he was still in emergency surgery, the judicial system was already sidelining the victims.

One year later the young man's violent assault on one woman was found to be unlawful, but he was acquitted on all other charges.

I found the judicial system difficult to understand and navigate. (I am no longer naive.) It was evident that although dedicated to justice on behalf of the victims, the work of prosecutors, police, and even victim advocates, was often curtailed by some aspects of the legal system. While a defendant participates in every aspect of their case, victims are not privy to strategies, evidence, witnesses, etc. But the legal system that hurts you can also help you if you are careful to take the right steps.

Following the acquittal, the accused sought sympathy for his legal troubles, further pursuing all his victims. The women and my son where harassed online and doxed (which is still occurring). My son received death threats (which are still occurring).

It is the opinion of Victim's Voice, that in 2017, victims are especially open to further victimization. The legal system has not caught up with online harassment and doxing. Protecting victims from this type of online harm is difficult (and expensive in time and dollars) but can be done. There are many strong resources you can deploy.

In a broader context: If our legal system does not catch up to technology, witnesses and victims will be unwilling to testify against their attackers. Gone are the days when intimidation meant a brick through a window or a bullet left in a mailbox. Today, any criminal with access to a computer can ruin lives and weaken our legal system. Is this what we want?

We all must think of solutions and bring these issues to the community.

Graham Harper

Graham Harper

Graham Harper

Jarred Ha

Jarred Ha

Twitter: Truth4Victims

Victim's Voice: advocating for victims of violent crime is a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.

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