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The 3am call

My son was left bleeding out on the street after being cored, carved and stabbed. Thankfully, he explained to those around him how to make a tourniquet before losing consciousness. (Evidence Photo).

This picture is symbolic for me. First, it represents the last time I listened to my instincts as a mother (by taking it). Secondly, the complexity of the medical equipment represents a world we didn't understand, weren't prepared for and didn't want to enter. You can't see in the picture but my son's hands are tied to the bed because he was intubated. When a person is intubated and awakes from a coma, their instincts are to rip the endotracheal tube from their throat -- they feel like they are being suffocated. Knowing my son's hands are tied down in this picture is symbolic of how seemingly unimportant the victim becomes following a violent crime.

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