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A comment about comments

Imagine the scenario I wrote about in an earlier post. Your daughter has been beaten and raped and the press is reporting that she made it up or agreed to “rough sex”. Basically reporting the defense’s strategy as fact. It happens. It happens all the time. And trolls – under the cloak of anonymity – write inconceivable things in comments, blogs and other social media such as Reddit.

TIP: Depending upon your own mental and physical health, either monitor these comments yourself or get a friend to do it.

TIP: Correct factual errors only. Correct them by steering the person to the facts. Unfortunately you cannot upload documents to comments, but you can post them elsewhere and provide a link.

TIP: Do not engage with trolls. Take comfort in the fact that the outrageous comments by a troll are seen by everyone as outrageous comments by a troll.

TIP: Take screen shots of anything illegal, anything that incites, etc. Report any illegal comments to the police and other appropriate agencies immediately. Take death threats seriously. Remember that death threats can be just a picture.

TIP: Do not flag comments which are illegal or incite. It may be important to the police or agency to see the comment in context.

Thankfully, we have a number of very smart technical geniuses in the family. I can assure you that the most scathing comments are a small handful of people – not the public. Please read “Internet Trolls are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists” in Psychology Today. You’ll feel better and it’s science:

This company provides an extensive, “Online Psychopathy Checklist” which is worth checking out and why you should take those death threats seriously:

Victim’s Voice wants to empower but also get people to use their common sense. Please THINK before you comment. Do you know the facts? Would you feel comfortable putting your name and address on the comment? What might be the worst possible outcome if you are wrong?

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